Buying a 50cc scooter

Reliable, easy to maintain and cheap to run - but avoid trap-falls.

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50cc Scooters are the most popular Scooters in WA

Available from the age of 16

Ride on a Car License

Cheap to buy

Low running costs

A lot of fun to ride

…and you look great on it!

Western Australia is one of the few Australian states that allow riding a 50cc scooter on a car license. Riding a 50cc scooter isn’t particularly difficult, it is as safe as riding a bicycle on the road. And if you already know the road rules through driving a car, you really don’t require the additional hurdle of going through the entire licensing process to gain the means to ride one. However, if you are not riding a bicycle regularly, it is different to be on the road on a two wheeler compared to a car. Therefore we believe some training is really useful – and riding a scooter in Bali is not the same as on WA roads either. We would strongly recommend getting a lesson or two from a qualified instructor.

50cc scooters are also great to start with: Many of our customers start with a 50cc and once they realise how practical a scooter is in daily life, they decide it is worthwhile doing the license and getting something bigger. When you upgrade to a larger scooter later on, the controls will be the same, the handling will feel familiar and you will get used to a larger model with ease.

However, we always think there are a few points to make when it comes to 50cc scooters: Compared with vehicles with a bigger engine, their performance is limited and they are not really suitable for longer distances on a regular basis. We recommend 50cc scooters for use around town not exceeding maybe 10km radius. While their top speed is limited, they are classified as mopeds, less suitable on major roads and not allowed to travel on the freeway. They can be great fun to run down to the shops, to the beach or getting you to work if it is not too far, but doing 20 – 30km distance would be much more relaxed on a larger capacity 4-stroke machine.

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