Vespa PX – Is it the end of it?

Euro 4 & ABS requirements in 2017 catch up with the PX and the GTS250
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Incoming Euro 4 emission laws and ABS requirements in the European market seem to have sadly driven the final nail into the coffin for the most iconic of all Vespa, the PX. After 40 years of history, the PX is being phased out by the end of the year and whatever stock is left in Australia will be the last ones available.


Vespa Australia has a few red models left at the moment, all other colours are sold out. Get in touch with us asap if you are thinking of buying a PX. We also have a black ex demonstrator available still and one 70th Anniversary model. This at the time of writing…

Most of us know the PX200 was already once proclaimed dead in 2007 but then after massive protests from the Vespa community revived as a 125/150cc version, just making it through Euro 3 restrictions, This time we believe there will be no way back in the current form as a two stroke, large capacity engine. We still hope it will be re-introduced as a 4-stroke version at some stage, but honestly, it won’t be the same anymore. The PX with it’s distinguishing 2-stroke sound (and smell!) is a unique vehicle that has gripped many of us by our hearts. The manual transmission where gears are switched on the handlebar has been around for 70 years plus and once you had the skills mastered, it was great fun to ride! The PX is not about speed, it is not about handling, it is not about performance, maintenance or even reliability, but just that all makes it unique. Owning a PX for many of us has been owning a part of history. A history shared around the world with countless others across generations and borders. We can’t praise it high enough and it definitely is a sad moment to lose the most iconic of scooters. But it is a sign of the times as well: Exciting new models with new iGET engines are arriving as we speak. They have character, are clean and fun.

And with the discontinuation of the GTS250 maybe, mayyyyybe a new larger Vespa model can appear on the horizon? We don’t know. But there is always something to look back to, but also something to look forward to!

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