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Are Tyre Plugs Safe?

Depends who you ask the answers are different - Here is what we think

With spring coming up many of our customers are taking out their scooters again to enjoy the sunnier, warmer days. Logically, we always notice an increase in tyre punctures during this time of the year and our tyre fitting machine gets busy.

Most often punctures are caused by objects that fell off a truck over winter, ready to be “collected” by a scooter or motorcycle – especially the smaller 50cc ones riding more on the side of the road where all that stuff lands are great picking up things.

Any tyre with a puncture usually lets to more or less immediate deflation and with that your safety can be compromised immediately and you might not get home on your vehicle. Having a tyre repair kit with you can bring you out of trouble if you run tubeless tyres (as most scooters do). With a repair kit you can repair a puncture on the side of [...]

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