SWM Classic Motorcycles

Made in Italy - High Quality - LAMS approved.

$500 Savings on all Classics - for a limited time only

Feel the Passion of a great Motorcycle

The SWM Classic Motorcycle family doesn’t just look good: The true experience lies in riding them. Feel the strong, torquey 445cc single cylinder propelling you along the road, accompanied by a deep exhaust note from the twin stainless steel exhausts. This is motorcycling in its purest form: Historic brand heritage, a modern classic design and state of the art technology. 

 3 Uber cool models to chose from
 Torquey 445cc single cylinder engine
 Amazing power to weight ratio (145kg dry weight)
 22.5L Fuel capacity – Ride up to 500kms
 Made in Italy with high quality parts
 2 Years warranty
 LAMS approved
 Affordable price, class leading value


How does the SWM Gran Milano compare?

Compared with similar motorcycles in the market, the SWM Classics don’t need to hide. See below a comparison between the Gran Milano and its competition: Best value for money shows how serious SWM is to make their mark by providing excellent motorcycles in high quality for an affordable price.

Like to know more about SWM?

Headquarters and factory of SWM Motorcycles are based in Biandronno, a small town in northern Italy. The modern state of the art factory used to be owned by Husqvarna and today produces a whole lineup of motorcycles.
Visit the Factory in Italy and read about SWM’s interesting history below.

The SWM Story

Early Years 1971 – 1984

SWM was formed in Milan back in 1971 by two off road racers, Piero Sironi and Fausto Vergani. Their range initially consisted of three models, 50cc, 100cc and 125cc, equipped with Sachs engines. The company claimed claiming several titles in Italian and European level Motocross & Endurance class, and went on to produce a range of motorcycles until it ceased production in 1984.

The Revival of SWM

It is not a coincident that the first SWM models to appear on the market after taking up production have a close similarity to the original Husqvarna off-road motorcycles.

swm-rs-650-bikeIn 2007, BMW purchased Husqvarna motorcycles with the intention to continue producing motorcycles under the brand Husqvarna as a separate enterprise. The factory in Biandronno has been modernised under BMW to position Husqvarna as the “the two-wheeled version of what Mini is to the BMW’s car division”.

However, things changed and in 2013 BMW sold Husqvarna to KTM, who then laid off most of the staff in the facotry in Biandronno and moved production to Mattinghofen, Austria. KTM put in their own engines and technology – they basically purchased the brand name with that move. As a result, the factory and the original Husqvarna designs were put up for sale.

SWM has re-emerged in 2014 as a result of a new partnership between Apelio Macchi and Daxing Gong. Macchi worked previously as the Technical Manager for Cagiva, Aprillia and finally Husqvarana where he obtained 51 world titles (46 with Husky, 5 with Aprillia). Included in these world titles was one for Australia’s own Stefan Merriman. Gong is a successful Chinese businessman and the head of Shineray group. Shineray is a large scale manufacturer of two and four wheel vehicles as well as industrial products in China.

The majority of SWM staff are ex Husqvarana staff who previously worked under Macchi.


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Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 9am – 1pm

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