Our Service Policy

We are an authorised agent for Vespa, Piaggio & Aprilia scooters and SWM motorcycles

Services we provide

Being an authorised agent means we can undertake service, repair and warranty work on vehicle brands we represent, irrespective of whether it was purchased from us or not. We have full access to parts and service items on these vehicles so we can do repairs as well as service work. We are also able to undertake most repair and service work for (some) Derbi and Gilera scooters as they are members of the Piaggio Group.

Unfortunately, we are unable to service many other brands due to the time delays in getting parts. And there are some other brands that we simply won’t have in our workshop, except to change tyres. Please don’t be offended if we cannot help, although we should be able to tell you who the nearest dealer for your scooter is.

Duty of Care

As a professional service organisation providing warranty for all work conducted on customers’ vehicles as well as the fact that customers entrust their vehicles to us to keep them in safe working order, our strict policy is to follow manufacturers requirements at all times. This means that we don’t take shortcuts and don’t use non-genuine parts unless discussed and approved by the owner and only where it is safe to do so. Safety and reliability comes first for us and while costs should be calculatabe and transparent for our customers, we can’t let vehicles leave our workshop that are not considered roadworthy.

Fixed Price Servicing

For most current scooter models, we provide a “Fixed Price Service Schedule” that is 100% aligned with manufacturers specifications and service intervals and provides a clear price policy that does not change case by case. This means if you bring your scooter to us for a regular service, everything according to manufacturer’s specification is included in the fixed price. There are no surprises or unclear hidden costs.

When additional work is required

In some cases your vehicle needs repairs or additional work outside normal service work carried out. For this we operate a strict policy that we won’t undertake any work without your previous approval if it exceeds 10% of the quoted or fixed price value. In cases where your vehicle has a problem but the solution isn’t obvious, we’ll carry out an agreed amount of work, but only proceed further once we’ve updated you on progress and got your agreement on whether to continue. You are always in charge, and our intention is that you won’t get any nasty surprises on your bill.


Sometimes it happens to all of us that our plans change and we can’t hold an appointment. While we prefer you let us know either by phone or via email of your change of plans, once a service is booked in we make room for your vehicle in our daily schedule and might even book other customers on another day to provide you with the service your vehicle requires. In cases of cancellations on the day or if someone who has workshop time booked just does not turn up, we reserve the right to apply a charge for lost workshop time.

Collection of vehicles

We understand that our customers can’t always pick up their vehicles after work has been finished straight away. However, while vehicles in our care are safe and secure in our shop, our space is limited and we can’t provide storage for vehicles for a longer period of time. Should the owner not be able to pick up a vehicle within a weeks’ time after given due notice of completion of work conducted, a storage fee may apply. In cases where a storage fee applies, this will always be clearly communicated beforehand in written form. We understand that in some cases it is not possible for someone to make their way to our shop in time to collect their vehicle. In this case, exceptional arrangements can be made, storage time can be extended or delivery to a nominated address can be arranged.

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