Pickup & Delivery

Convenient after hours service picking up or droppig off your vehicle

Perth Metropolitan Area

We realise that we aren’t conveniently located for everyone in Perth, and many people don’t fancy or don’t have the time riding their scooter from their home to our shop. This is why we can arrange to have your scooter picked up or delivered direct to your door, when it is convenient for you. We do have to charge for this service unfortunately, but all the money goes straight to the delivery firm who are fully equipped to safely and correctly transport your scooter – and fully insured just in case of an unforeseen mishap.


Call us on 08 9300 1719 or send us an email here to arrange delivery or pickup of your scooter.


Delivery truck2


Delivery to Rural Western Australia

Scooters are often a great way of getting around small country towns, and over the years we’ve sent out many to country customers. If you live in the country and want to buy a scooter, there is one piece of advice that is more important than any other: Make sure you get a reliable one!

We’ve sent scooters to pretty much all corners of WA, from Broome to Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany, Geraldton and especially the Margaret River area. We have even sent them up to Christmas Island too, where they can enjoy their scooters free of GST and government charges!!

Freighting scooters is actually quite a straightforward process: We pre-deliver the scooter as normal, test ride it and register it, then remove the mirrors, drain the fuel tank and repack it back in the carton in which we received it. The truckies come and pick it up, and deliver it at the other end. All that is required is some petrol, screw in the mirrors, and you are ready to go.

For shipping to rural areas most of the time prices vary on the day, so please contact us on 08 9300 1719 and have your details handy so we can request a quote for you.

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