Insure Your Ride

Protect what you love

Just imagine being without your vehicle for a longer period – And having to afford costly repairs or replacing it altogether.
At Ace Scooters we encourage everyone to insure your vehicle because we understand it will be an important part of your life: Being without it and then even worse facing a large financial expense caused by an accident or theft is not fun. Our quality scooters are for most of us not only financial but also emotional investments: An insurance can give you peace of mind so you know that in case of an incident you are covered.

We are a Licensed Agent of Swann Insurance and can offer a range of insurance levels suiting everyone:

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Fire & Theft
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft.

Advantages of Insuring with Swann Insurance via a Dealer

While there are a lot of insurances out there that offer you very low rates, we only work with Swann Insurance because we know, when it comes to a claim they can be relied on:

  • Claims are processed almost immediately
  • Swann is quick in assessing damages locally (this compared to some online insurances)
  • No long waiting times when you call them (it is even possible to lodge a claim online)
  • We can usually start the repair process very soon after you lodged the claim, which means you get your vehicle back sooner
  • Special benefits when taking out insurance via a dealer compared to the ones sold online

Our customers who had repairs and were insured with Swann have made very good experiences and almost always got their vehicles back the quickest. As a preferred repairer of Swann and a licensed Piaggio, Vespa and Aprilia dealership and repairer, we can provide you 360 degrees service in the event you need someone to take care of your vehicle after an incident.

Also check out out other services like Scooter pickup & delivery that could be handy in case of an incident and you need to get your vehicle to our workshop.
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