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While about half of our customers are returning customers who already owned a scooter before, the other half has never ridden or owned a scooter. Most of them aren’t sure what is appropriate for their needs and how to get there. Quite often, a 50cc scooter – which is allowed on a car license – is therefore the preferred choice as people are unsure about getting the right license, or just don’t want to invest time and money to obtain one.

The good news is that getting a license is actually a lot easier than you think. While there are a few exceptions, the most important steps are listed here:

Step one: Get your Learners

Get your learners permit from the local Department of Transport. You will need to sit a 35 question computer quiz. The initial cost of this covers one practical assessment test.

Step two: Book some Lessons

Contact a reputable instructor who will bring you through the practical assessment. While we can recommend a couple, it is important to select someone who is experienced and you trust (there are a lot of instructors out there we wonder where they got their license from). The instructor will teach you all you need to know to have you riding safely and legally, and will go through the testing process with you.

Step three: Do your Test

The practical assessment is the culmination of your efforts. Once passed you will be issued a temporary license on paper until you receive your WA Driving License in card form. With this you are free to ride away on your scooter – by yourself.

“One tip I was given was to always remember that a Scooter is still a road vehicle. Ride with care, caution and with respect for this. Oh, and there is the fact that riding a Vespa does indeed make you the coolest on the road (no matter what anyone else says!)”
Paul Sharp

Where To Get Your License

Good Training is Vital!

Not only will good training get you through the licensing process most efficiently: It helps develop the skills needed every day on the road to keep you safe and enjoy the ride.
At Ace we work very closely with the best training companies in the business. They work from our premises and provide their own scooters and motorcycles.
Give them a call and get started!
Clarissa & Marshall from Motorcycle Training WA have been long trusted partners of Ace Scooters. They literally brought hundreds of learners through their license successfully over the last years.
With them you are in good hands.

Visit their website here or call Marshall on 0428 961 725

License Classes in WA

If you are confused what license is right for you, you are not alone: Mid 2014 the old learner scheme restricting learner riders to 250cc capacity scooters or motorcycles has changed to the new LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme”. This basically means, a LAMS class license includes motorcycles and scooters up to 660cc not exceeding a certain power to weight ratio. Almost every automatic motorbike (ie a scooter!) sold in Australia can be ridden on an R-EA license as the list encompasses most machines up to 660cc in engine size!

  • R-N License

    Also known as the moped license. If you have a car license, you essentially already have this license too, but if you don’t, this is the best way to start as it gets you up and riding independently the quickest. You can get your learners permit for this license from the age of 15 and a half, although you can’t actually sit the practical until you are 16. Once you’ve passed the test, you can ride unaccompanied on P plates.

  • R-EA License

    Also known as the automatic, restricted size, motorbike license under LAMS. Most people who do this test already have a car license. Once you’ve passed the practical test you can ride without any P plates (unless you also have these for the car). If this is your first license, then there are some additional hoops to jump through, similar to getting a car license, which will include six months of supervised riding and completing a log book.

  • R-E License

    This is the manual restricted motorbike license under LAMS. You’ll need this license if you want to ride a manual motorcycle up to 660ccm not exceeding a specific power to weight ratio – or a geared scooter such as the Vespa PX.

  • R-A License

    This is the automatic motorbike license of any size. You need to have an R-E or R-EA for a year before you can sit the same test again on a larger engined scooter. Again, once passed there is no need for P plates (unless you’ve got them on the other vehicles you use). Currently there is only one automatic motorbike/scooter sold in Australia that requires this license.

  • R License

    This is the full motorbike license including everything above 660cc capacity manual or automatic. There are currently no scooters on the market which you’d need to have this license to ride.

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