Be amazed how affordable a scooter can be!

Wenever you are looking for an easy, no hassle finance on your next vehicle, we can definitely help you. We are an agent of Australian Motorcycle Finance (AMF) and Riders Finance Group and having access to more than one option of finance companies, we can offer very competitive rates for our customers and find the best conditions to your needs.

Send us a request using the Finance Enquiry form below and get:

  • Instant quote on the day
  • Lowest interest rates in the industry
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Minimum deposit payable
  • Low exist fees if you pay off your loan early

We also work very close with United Financial Services, a specialist in the industry to be able to present you a tailored solution, especially if you require something we can’t help you with.

Why Financing a Scooter makes sense

Running a scooter compared to a car and/or public transport will often save you so much money, that we believe that it’s definitely worth considering finance options if you don’t have the money already available. Most scooters literally pay for themselves as you save so much compared to all other methods of transport (except a bicycle maybe).

Especially when paying for parking for a car, in comparison it is an easy calculation: The amount you save per week just in parking easily exceeds a potential finance rate. We’ve got customers who are saving over $100 a week in fuel and parking costs and that buys a lot of scooter. So even putting some of those savings into finance charges means that you are still coming out financially ahead. Seriously, it’s a no brainer once you do the maths.

Finance Enquiry

  • What scooter make and model would you like to finance?
  • Enter the purchase price of the vehicle you are looking for.
  • What initial deposit would you like to make? (usually this is 10% of the vehicle value or minimum $500)

Financing Calculator

Cost of Vehicle ($):
Down Payment ($):
Annual Interest Rate (%):
Term of Loan in Years:
Frequency of Payments:
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Recommended loan terms vary by model, interest rate can vary depending on individual applicant. Ask us for a quote on the day.

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