Vespa Scooters

The world's most iconic scooter brand made of a rigid steel body.

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When you think of sports cars you might think of Ferrari or Lamborghini, and when you think of luxury sedans perhaps its Rolls Royce or Cadillac that springs to mind.
When it comes to vehicle brands, only one brand is often used synonymously with “scooters” as a whole. When you think of scooters, well you think VESPA Scooters.


So what makes a Vespa a Vespa?

Whilst everyone thinks Vespa when they think of scooters, the reality is that Vespa scooters are entirely different from every other make available on the market today. Whereas all other modern scooters are made of a tubular frame covered with plastic panels, Vespas are built around a steel monocoque chassis which means the bodywork essentially is also the frame (a design feature inherited from the aeroplane building that Piaggio were most well known for at that time).  Whilst at first glance that might elicit a “so what”, in actual fact there are a lot of inherent advantages of this type of bodywork.

Advantages of owning a Vespa

Firstly, the Vespa chassis is a lot more rigid than a tubular frame (indeed 250% more!), which means that handling is more solid and sure-footed, particularly in cornering. We’ve even had motorcycle riders who have been genuinely astonished about how well the modern Vespas handle (and a significant number of whom have now joined the ranks of the Vespisti, as we Vespa riders are known around the world). And secondly, because it is steel, the body lasts a lot longer than the plastics of other scooters.  We will often sneak second hand Vespas amongst the new ones, and its amazing how few people pick up on the fact that they aren’t new until they start to look closer.

1. High build quality

Some people, of course, buy Vespa for the prestige, the “status” in the scooter world.  Indeed some people think that one reason that the Vespa is relatively more expensive is simply because of the brand name. However, when you ride one, you quickly realise the difference in quality to any other scooter in the market. Components are built to last and we have more than just a few customers who have done over 100’000km on their Vespas and they are still going strong. All panels are painted with a high quality paint and they don’t fade in the sun over time as much as other brand’s panels do. That quality costs, and you won’t find any better quality of build than you will with a Vespa.

2. Vespas keep their look & value over time

The price of a Vespa compared with any other scooter seems to be high in the first place. While this is mainly due to the build quality, technology and the components used, they keep their value over time. Well maintained It is always amazing when we have a second hand  in our shop standing next to a brand new one and customers can hardly tell the difference. Compared most other vehicles on the roads, it is amazing how well Vespas keep their value. For example: a GTS250 bought originally for $8400 which is 5 years old in a well kept condition with over 50’000kms still sells for up to $3000. How good it that?

3. Huge market of accessories available

Almost everyone who buys a Vespa personalises it to his/her liking. Be it simply a flyscreen, an aftermarket exhaust of the full ‘treatment’ with front and rear rack, mirrors and other bling, there is no limit. Countless vendors sell aftermarket parts for Vespas that improve looks, performance and handling. Owning a Vespa you can really make it your own, turn it into something reflecting your individual style and taste.

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