Pre Loved Scooters

Get a quality scooter for a fraction of the new price

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Pre-loved Scooters: Workshop tested & great quality

We are hugely fortunate that most of our pre-loved scooters are exactly that: Pre-loved.  We often have customers who have never ridden before, and at the start of their scooter riding career aren’t ready to invest in some of the bigger and more expensive scooters in our range.  Yet give it a few months, or a year or two, they realise the value of owning a scooter and how much it saves them, and all of a sudden what looked expensive before suddenly looks great value for money, and they are ready to upgrade!  And they bring them back to us to sell as they enjoy their new machine!

Consequently, most of the used scooters that we sell are in great condition!  And indeed we won’t sell them unless they are at least in good condition! Regardless if kilometers they have on them, they are all workshop tested, serviced and most of them even come with warranty.

And, of course, they are all registered and available to test ride – so if you are interested in doing so, please give us a call!

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