Ex-Demo Scooters

As new scooters with very low mileage

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Ex-demo Scooters: As new with a huge discount

Ex-demos are exactly that: Scooters that we have used to allow our customers to try out the products before ordering them. We try to keep a good number of demo scooters, so there are often opportunities for clever buyers to pick up a nearly new scooter at a significant saving, particularly if the running in service has been completed as well! For example, our big Vespa demos (250 and 300) retail for $800 – $1,000 less than a new one! Generally, these scooters will only have a few hundred kilometers on the clock, and 6 to 9 months of registration still on them AND the vast majority of the 2 year warranty. So generally, they are a really good deal!

How about ordering your next demonstrator?

Now given that our business strategy utilises a number of demos (we prefer not to use showroom models for test rides), even smarter customers come and see us BEFORE we order the next demo of the particular scooter in the particular colour that they want! We are happy to order our next demo in to match a customers preference, such that when its agreed demo days are done (normally just 3 months), the customer can pick it up (subject to their final inspection and approval of course!).  Such pre-ordered demo models are kept in the showroom, and are only used for test rides in order to keep them as untouched as possible.

So if you know that you want your scooter a few months hence, AND don’t mind it being run in by someone else, then why not come and see us!  Everybody wins!

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