Aprilia Scooters

European quality scooters are based on Moto GP experience.

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High Performance Motor Scooters

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company, one of the marques owned by Piaggio. Aprilia started as a scooter manufacturer, before more recently coming to be known for its race-winning sports bikes. The racing pedigree of Aprilia is reflected in the scooter line up, particularly with models like the fast 50cc scooter SR 50 R and the mighty maxi scooter SR Max 300.

The Aprilia range very much complements those of Piaggio and Vespa and fills some of the gaps in these brand offerings, for example the versatile 200cc Scarabeo is in a class of its own: It offers best value for the money delivering a great performance at a good price.

The technology underlying Aprilia scooters is exactly the same as Piaggio and Vespa. While in earlier days Aprilia used Rotax engines in some models (made in Austria), most engines today are from the Piaggio family, although they can be very different tuned to reflect the more sporty side of Aprilia.

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