Maxi Scooters 200cc and more

With the introduction of the LAMS legislation in January 2013, we’ve finally been able to logically group the bigger scooters together, rather than separating those of just less than 250cc with the bigger ones, because now new riders can finally ride all the scooters that we have to offer! This group now covers the 200cc, 250ccc as well as the “300” class of Quasar engined machines, the new 350cc engined Beverly and X10 Executive.

014 X10 500There is certainly a difference to the scooters powered by these different engines. While the 200cc Aprilia Scarabeo is a zippy ‘jack of all trades’, the 250cc Quasar engine is smooth and quiet and has a 10,000km service interval. The 300 class models (accurately 278cc) have the same Quasar engine delivering 10% extra torque which gives additional acceleration away at the lights – great fun for beating almost anything (yes anything) off the mark!

On the other side, the Master engined scooters are the masters of the freeway. Effortless at speed, with plenty more where that came from thank you very much, you’ll feel comfortable eating up the kilometers. However they are less ideal around town where the big single cylinder engines don’t feel quite as smooth as the Quasar models. Horses for proverbial courses. But we recommend that you try them out!

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