Maxi Scooters 200cc and more

With the introduction of the LAMS legislation in January 2013, we’ve finally been able to logically group the bigger scooters together, rather than separating those of just less than 250cc with the bigger ones, because now new riders can finally ride all the scooters that we have to offer! This group now covers a range of models starting from 200cc, up to 300cc and even the majestic, brande new Kymco AK550.

Kymco AK550 – The thrills of touring!

There is certainly a difference to the scooters powered by these different engines. While the 200cc models are zippy ‘jack of all trades’, larger engined scooters are more smooth and quiet and and offer more comport and ample power for anything you require to get around town and far beyond.

Larger engined scooters are the masters of the freeway: With 300cc and above they are effortless at speed, with plenty more where that came from thank you very much, you’ll feel comfortable eating up the kilometers. However they are less ideal around town where it’s narrow and very busy and might require a bit more experience from the rider – similar to a larger motorcycle. But we recommend that you try them out!

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