125 – 150cc Scooters: The Sweet Spot


When it comes to picking a 125-150cc scooter, we know that we’ve got the best line up in Australia.

Kymco RS125: Great looks & great performance.

The main advantages of this segment are two-fold. The first is performance. Most quality 125/150cc scooters will quite happily run all day at 80-90kmh, and even be capable of doing theoccasional freeway ride. So taking them out of the main roads of WA will be a much more pleasant experience as you won’t have tailgaters, and you won’t have to plan ahead when to change lanes on dual carriageways! You’d be surprised at the difference it makes, and how much safer you feel.

The second is technology. The engines in this class are almost all four strokes (like your car), rather than two strokes (like your lawnmower). 4-stroke engines are quieter, more efficient, more reliable. They use less fuel. They start more easily. They last longer.

The sole disadvantage is of course the licensing. But it’s actually not too hard to get an automatic motorbike license (R-EA) and our instructors on site will get you through it quicker than you’d think.

Why we prefer a 125+cc over a 50cc Scooter

Of all scooters sold in Australia, this segment is easily the biggest.
Whilst in WA sales of 50cc scooters are higher, in most Eastern states, the 125/150 segment is much larger. The reason for this difference is simple: Licensing laws.
In WA you can ride a 50cc scooter on a car license while in other states even a 50cc scooter needs a moped license. So over there, even though most 50cc scooters are cheaper than a 125/150cc scooter, when you have do a license anyway, riders preference is to get something a bit bigger.
However, we see a lot of customers buying a 50cc scooter, just because it is convenient and no license test needs to be performed. What on the first glance convenient, is not always safe: On a car license, it is ok to ride a 50cc scooter – but not exceeding a maximum speed of 50km/hour. In our opinion in most cases, this speed restriction puts riders at risk because on most roads around Perth traffic flows at higher speed, which means it makes a 50cc scooter an obstacle. Plus the lack of necessary riding experience prior to sitting on a 50cc is an additional risk factor. Keep in mind: Riding a scooter in Bali or being an experienced off road rider does not qualify for riding on the road!
We therefore recommend strongly to assess your requirements when looing for a scooter and if travel is planned on 60km/h and faster roads stay safe and do the license test, get a 125 or 150cc scooter.

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