Handlebar Lock Top


The Handlebar Lock Top is a very safe lock that is bolted into the frame under the seat with the big advantage that it does not take up storage space under the seat or in the top box like other locks do. And it is very easy to use: Within a few seconds the handle bar is attached and it is almost impossible to crack without heavy duty tools. An additional plus is that this lock is also very visible (in the opposite to a disc lock for example) and almost always works as a deterrent.

What this lock does, it locks the handlebar into a position and the steering lock even if attached can’t be damaged, since the handlebar can’t be turned. Most of the times when we see scooters with attempted theft where the steering lock has been engaged, there is damage in the steering column which could be a very expensive repair. This lock makes it impossible to do damage the steering column and even in case of an (unsuccessful) attempted theft, it may save hundreds of dollars in damage.

Please note tat these locks are model specific. Although we have usually some in stock we might need to order one in for your scooter on occasion.



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