Improve Parking for Scooters & Motorcycles in Perth

Support the Motion for better Perth CBD parking, ease congestion and improve our city.

What is it about?

The motion submitted by Councillors Green & Harley suggests a change in the parking regime that is long overdue and should finally be considered in the City of Perth. What is realised in many other cities in Australia and around the world, that motorcycles and scooters can easily park on some of the city footpaths without obstructing pedestrians loading bays or alfresco dining, should become the law in Perth.

Over 80% of the cars visiting Perth CBD are occupied by one driver only. This causes congestion and restricts access to the city – while economically and ecologically better options are left out. The currently poor parking possibilities in the city of Perth for two wheeled vehicles like scooters, motorcycles but also bicycles must be improved to make it a more liveable city and cope with the increasing population growth. Plenty of (expensive) parking possibilities for cars leave many people no other choice to commute or visit the city than taking their car or use public transport that is not always as accessible and efficient.

As one of Perth’s longest established scooter dealership, Ace Scooters is supporting this initiative because we are in touch with our customers every day and the demand for an improvement is huge.

You will find regular updates on this page about the campaign, what you can do to support the City of Perth to make the right decision and hopefully consider allowing an improved parking regime in the city – also in the hope that other councils might follow and the situation in Perth metropolitan area overall will improve.  

Your Help is needed!

Read here what you can do to make it happen.

We call all riders to help improve Scooter & Motorcycle parking in Perth City. A Motion at the City of Perth Council is underway to allow footpath parking in some areas which would be a huge improvement to today’s situation.

Update 8/6/2017

Write to the Councillors – Express your Support

If you find a minute, please show your support to this motion by writing a short email to all of the councillors and especially

  • Director of Parking Rebecca Moore (

Councillors who need to be addressed in the hope they will support the motion:

  • Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi (
  • Deputy Lord Mayor James Limnios (
  • Cr Janet Davidson (
  • Cr Jim Adamos (
  • Cr Lily Chen (
  • Cr Judy McEvoy (
  • Cr Keith Young (

Councillors who are supporting the motion:

  • Cr Jemma Green (
  • Cr Reece Harley (

Let them all know that you support the motion and how important parking in the city is for you and for our Perth city.

Perth Parking - Yes I want to help!

Do you like to get active helping to improve the parking situation in Perth City for scooters & motorcycles or just want to be kept up to date? Sign up here and let us know your preference, we will be in touch...
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Links to published articles in relation to this initiative.

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