What size of Scooter should I buy?

Choose the right size of vehicle depending on your needs

So you’re thinking about getting a scooter bu are not sure which one or what size? One question you need to be able to answer is why do I need a scooter? Once you answer that then the rest will fall into place.

While a scooter is often an economical choice, the more you are aware what you use the scooter for the clearer your choice of vehicles will be. Our stable of Vespa, Piaggio and Aprilia scooters range from 50cc up to an impressive 850cc, and each size is most suitable to particular ride requirements.

In case of doubt the Ace Scooters team is more than happy to give you good advice in choosing the right sized scooter for your needs. It is our mission to provide our customers with the right scooter and not the most expensive one – or the one we want to get moving out of our showroom. After all riding a scooter should be fun and it should not break the bank either. We can confirm that most of our customers who relied on our advice already after a short period of time realise, how handy it really is to get around on a scooter and how much money they save over time while having fun as well.

Positive feedback we get from our customers in general confirm that we are on the right track: See what our customers say.

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