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How to get started when thinking about buying a scooter

Are you are starting to think about buying a scooter, but don’t know where to start? Then this is the page for you.
We’ve brought together a lot of the combined wisdom, and added our experience, to help you start to make inroads into determining what’s right for your needs.

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Given the multitude of scooters that we stock, starting from various 50cc mopeds up to the mighty 850cc Aprilia SRV, where does one start to make the right choice? Well the first thing to work out, is what size of scooter is required to cover your needs and take it from there.

Read more how to chose the right size of scooters here. If you intend to buy a 50cc, read what to look for here.


Equally important to chosing the right size of scooter, it is of no use if you are not allowed to ride it. If you’ve already got a motocycle license, you can ride anything at all! And if you’ve got a car license, you can ride a 50cc scooter. Anything in between you might need to get the appropriate license first. Luckily, getting a license is not that hard and can be fun.

Read more how to get your license on our Licensing & Lessons page here.


Try before you buy! Having made your pick from a wide selection of scooters available – or narrowed it down to a few models for that – and attained the right license to be able to ride it, it is time to see how comfortable you are on these models. We usually operate a whole range of our models as demonstrators or can arrange one for you to test ride, as we know only a test on the road will tell you if your choice was the right one.

Read more about test riding and book a test ride here.


Riding anything on two wheels requires at least one thing: A helmet. But despite the nice sunny weather we in Perth enjoy most of the year, the right gear does not just keep you warm in winter, it protects you any time you are on your scooter. Knowing what gear is best and also budgeting this into the cost of buying a scooter is a smart thing. It will let you enjoy your ride and gives you peace of mind.

Read more about helmets, jackets, gloves etc in our Accessories section.


When you are ready to purchase, it’s time to do those final test rides and make your mind up. Our strong recommendation is to do the final test-ride when you are ready to buy, and not before. And you need to remember that scooters need to be run in before they are going to perform to their full potential – you can’t compare the performance of a showroom model with a few milometers on it to one that is run in, but you will be able to see whether the ride and handling suits you.

Then its simply a case of finalising the paperwork – and if we have the scooter you have in stock, it’s quite possible that you’ll be riding it home that very day!


But it doesn’t stop when you leave the shop. Ace Scooters prides itself on our after sales support.  We also regularly have customers popping in or calling us wanting advice, bringing in their friends, or caching a cup of coffee. And why not? Once you are part of the family, well, you are part of the family!

And when the time comes that you want to move onto something bigger, then as a customers you can borrow our scooters to do your next set of lessons and test on, and let us help you sell your scooter when you want to upgrade! Our aim is to make things as easy for you as possible so you can enjoy the ride!

In any case, call us on 9300 1719 or send us an email on info@acescooters.com.au, we are here to help!

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