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Ace Scooters is on the Move….

Find us in Balcatta from 16th October - Best Service at your doorstep!

We are pleased to announce that Ace Scooters will be moving to a more central location in Balcatta from 16th October 2017.

Please note that Ace Scooters will be closed in Joondalup Friday 13 and Sat 14 October due to relocation activities.

We are looking forward to welcome our customers on our new shop in Balcatta from Monday 16th October. Ace Scooters will be conveniently located on Wanneroo Road, close to the Reid Highway / Wanneroo Rd intersection, just 200 metres south of Cully’s Yamaha. The new shop will be easily accessible from Wanneroo and Balcatta Rd and ample parking is provided out the front.

We will be within:
15 mins from Perth CBD
15 mins from Joondalup
15 mins from Scarborough
15 mins from Midland

(Open Google Maps by clicking on the image [...]

City of Perth Council to discuss Footpath Parking for Scooters & Motorbikes

Support the Initiative to make Perth a more Liveable City

Allowing motorcycles and scooters to park on some footpaths would overcome serious inner-city parking shortages, according to two City of Perth councillors. They say footpaths on many streets are wide enough to accommodate motorbikes, just as they do in parts of Melbourne and some overseas cities.

While the current parking options are limited to pretty much the single motorcycle & scooter parking on Mounts Bay Rd, the proposed change would allow parking of scooters & motorcycles on footpaths within the city as long as there is no obstruction to pedestrians, loading zones or alfesco dining areas.

Read the Article in The West here.

Read the article in the “The Perth Voice” here.

We are convinced in the interest of reducing congestion and increasing accessibility of the city centres, this is long overdue in Perth. It would be increasing quality of life for everyone to get to work or for a quick shopping trip to be able to [...]


Classic off-road marque SWM is back with a pair of café racers! Steve Martin and PMac take the Italian stallions out for a gallop

Italian motorcycles are things of beauty, not only in their design but in the way they handle, the way they deliver their power, their presence and that feel-good factor that just makes going for a ride worthwhile. When I got the call from Editor Dobie to test the latest retro classic incarnations from SWM, he was quite surprised to learn that I had one tucked away in the shed. Although the marque is not well known, I grew up riding trials bikes made by the brand and to this day I’m probably one of the few people to have followed SWM’s existence.

Read more…


It's no surprise the Piaggio Medley sets a new standard in scootering

Piaggio Medley 150Great news: The Piaggio Medley has officially been named Bikesales Scooter Of The Year for 2016! With a level of of specification unmatached in the 125 – 200 scooter segment including ABS and stop / start technology the award comes as no surprise. Below is a short summary about The Bike Of The Year program:

“In a comprehensive process, new vehicles are shortlisted based on key lifestyle and segment criteria, driven and rated and then defined as ‘Recommended’ choices for consumers. From here our team of experts overlay industry standard setting data from and the wider carsales network to determine winners that define excellence, innovation, class-leading safety, performance and value for money. 

Each of the winners of the 2016 bikesales Bike Of the Year Award categories deliver on these attributes — and then some… That [...]

Vespa PX – Is it the end of it?

Euro 4 & ABS requirements in 2017 catch up with the PX and the GTS250

Incoming Euro 4 emission laws and ABS requirements in the European market seem to have sadly driven the final nail into the coffin for the most iconic of all Vespa, the PX. After 40 years of history, the PX is being phased out by the end of the year and whatever stock is left in Australia will be the last ones available.


Vespa Australia has a few red models left at the moment, all other colours are sold out. Get in touch with us asap if you are thinking of buying a PX. We also have a black ex demonstrator available still and one 70th Anniversary model. This at the time of writing…

Most of us know the PX200 was already once proclaimed dead in 2007 but then after massive protests from the Vespa community revived [...]

Gran Milano 440: First Impressions & Test Ride

You might gladly refuse to get off this bike again...

It is a long time ago since I didn’t want to get off a motorcycle because it was so much fun to ride! While we knew the Gran Milano looks the business as a cafe racer before it even arrived, I was really curious to experience how it feels and performs on the road. I was wondering how the apparent solid build quality and high grade suspension performs when on a twisty road, or on the open highway. Ace always had high standards in products we sell to our customers and while the SWM Classics look great on paper (or the screen for that), it is important for us to experience them ourselves. All of us are riders and when we are being asked for advice, we usually know what we are talking about.

So there was no other way than pestering our Mechanic Bill to set up our first demonstrator short after they arrived, and put some kilometers on the [...]

New SWM Classic Motorcycles in store 15 October

Made in Italy - Great quality - LAMS approved

We are delighted to announce that Ace Scooters has been appointed a SWM Road Dealership by the importer of the Italian brand SWM, Mojo Motorcycles in Melbourne.

SWM Gran Milano 440Ace Scooters will be focusing solely on the LAMS approved medium capacity road bikes the Italian brand SWM offers, as we think they are a perfect match next to our Italian scooter range: stylish, high build quality, modern but still classic design.
The Ace team is very excited to have the opportunity to extend our range of two wheeled vehicles to another traditional Italian quality brand.

Both SWM Classic models coming to Australia first will be available in our shop from 15th October.

Read more about SWM and register your interest here.

Are Tyre Plugs Safe?

Depends who you ask the answers are different - Here is what we think

With spring coming up many of our customers are taking out their scooters again to enjoy the sunnier, warmer days. Logically, we always notice an increase in tyre punctures during this time of the year and our tyre fitting machine gets busy.

Most often punctures are caused by objects that fell off a truck over winter, ready to be “collected” by a scooter or motorcycle – especially the smaller 50cc ones riding more on the side of the road where all that stuff lands are great picking up things.

Any tyre with a puncture usually lets to more or less immediate deflation and with that your safety can be compromised immediately and you might not get home on your vehicle. Having a tyre repair kit with you can bring you out of trouble if you run tubeless tyres (as most scooters do). With a repair kit you can repair a puncture on the side of [...]

Vespa 70 Years 1946 – 2016

Anniversary models on the way to Australia!

Starting in 1946 in Pontadera, Italy: This year Vespa looks back to successfully building the world’s most famous scooters for 70 years. To celebrate, a limited edition of the most popular VESPA models has been released.

In 70 years of history, and after more than 18 million units sold worldwide, Vespa has managed to unite people from distant and different cultures through a single passion: the scooter. The first truly global brand of mobility, the Vespa has interacted with social environments distant from each other, creating different cultural phenomena, characteristics of the reality in which it has been able to immerse itself to take on the role of distinctive protagonist. It has accompanied revolutions of customs, music and youth. It has stood at the side of human advancement. It made them soar during periods of economic prosperity.

Today, the Vespa still is the benchmark for any scooter on the road and its popularity is growing as [...]

Should I buy new or used?

Great bargains but be wary of "too good to be true" vehicles

As much as we would all like to buy brand new vehicles, sometimes it just isn’t feasible and so our only option to buy second-hand. There are times when we find a good bargain and then there are times when people find to have purchased a lemon.

Buying used from a reputable dealership like Ace Scooters means that the scooter has been checked over in the workshop and test ridden by a workshop member to ensure a safe ride. The scooter must be safe, sound, reliable and licensed before we would consider selling it to a customer. There is also a warranty aspect: Below a certain mileage and age and above an amount of $3500 (as per year 2016), a dealership has to provide Statutory Warranty on a vehicle.

There is always a risk in buying second-hand machines as you never know its history and how it has been treated during its previous life. Buying a new machine sees you [...]

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