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Are Tyre Plugs Safe?

Depends who you ask the answers are different - Here is what we think

With spring coming up many of our customers are taking out their scooters again to enjoy the sunnier, warmer days. Logically, we always notice an increase in tyre punctures during this time of the year and our tyre fitting machine gets busy.

Most often punctures are caused by objects that fell off a truck over winter, ready to be “collected” by a scooter or motorcycle – especially the smaller 50cc ones riding more on the side of the road where all that stuff lands are great picking up things.

Any tyre with a puncture usually lets to more or less immediate deflation and with that your safety can be compromised immediately and you might not get home on your vehicle. Having a tyre repair kit with you can bring you out of trouble if you run tubeless tyres (as most scooters do). With a repair kit you can repair a puncture on the side of [...]

Should I buy new or used?

Great bargains but be wary of "too good to be true" vehicles

As much as we would all like to buy brand new vehicles, sometimes it just isn’t feasible and so our only option to buy second-hand. There are times when we find a good bargain and then there are times when people find to have purchased a lemon.

Buying used from a reputable dealership like Ace Scooters means that the scooter has been checked over in the workshop and test ridden by a workshop member to ensure a safe ride. The scooter must be safe, sound, reliable and licensed before we would consider selling it to a customer. There is also a warranty aspect: Below a certain mileage and age and above an amount of $3500 (as per year 2016), a dealership has to provide Statutory Warranty on a vehicle.

There is always a risk in buying second-hand machines as you never know its history and how it has been treated during its previous life. Buying a new machine sees you [...]

Winter Riding

Linda's Ride Advice

It’s winter here in Australia, and here in Perth we are pretty lucky with our weather compared to the rest of the country.

I don’t mind riding in winter…in fact I got my license back in 2012 during some horrid riding conditions, and I did it on a Piaggio Fly 150 with a smile on my face whilst the inspector stayed under a tree.
But winter days aren’t always wet and windy, they are however really cold…sometimes really really really cold, and it’s those times that are the testing times for a lot of riders who struggle to ride safely due to the chill factor distraction.

Most of us have seen those dare devil riders who get about wearing singlets and thongs during summer, if you aren’t wearing the right stuff then you aren’t as protected as you could be. When winter comes I put away my summer jacket and gloves and pull out [...]

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