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Improve Parking for Scooters & Motorcycles in Perth

Support Perth CBD parking, ease congestion and improve our city.
  • June 9, 2017
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Improve Parking for Scooters & Motorcycles in Perth Support the Motion for better Perth CBD parking, ease congestion and improve our city.What is it about? The motion submitted by Councillors Green & Harley suggests a change in the parking regime that is long overdue and should finally be considered in the City of Perth. What is realised in many other cities in Australia and around the world, that motorcycles and scooters can easily park on some of the city footpaths without obstructing pedestrians loading bays or alfresco dining, should become the law in Perth.Over 80% of the cars visiting Perth CBD are occupied by one driver only. This causes congestion and restricts access to the city - while economically and ecologically better options are left out. The currently poor parking possibilities in the city of Perth for two wheeled vehicles like scooters, motorcycles but also bicycles must be improved to make it a more liveable city and cope with the increasing population growth. Plenty of (expensive) parking possibilities for cars leave many people no other choice to commute or visit the city than taking their car or use public transport that is not always as accessible and efficient.As one of Perth's longes [...]

City of Perth Council to discuss Footpath Parking for Scooters & Motorbikes

Support the Initiative to make Perth a more Liveable City

Allowing motorcycles and scooters to park on some footpaths would overcome serious inner-city parking shortages, according to two City of Perth councillors. They say footpaths on many streets are wide enough to accommodate motorbikes, just as they do in parts of Melbourne and some overseas cities.

While the current parking options are limited to pretty much the single motorcycle & scooter parking on Mounts Bay Rd, the proposed change would allow parking of scooters & motorcycles on footpaths within the city as long as there is no obstruction to pedestrians, loading zones or alfesco dining areas.

Read the Article in The West here.

Read the article in the “The Perth Voice” here.

We are convinced in the interest of reducing congestion and increasing accessibility of the city centres, this is long overdue in Perth. It would be increasing quality of life for everyone to get to work or for a quick shopping trip to be able to [...]

Vespa GT 200 – Great condition with Top Box

Beautiful example (one owner seasoned) nothing more to spend all services done

This GT200 is in amazing condition and received the full “Ace treatment”: Fully serviced, new drive belt, new rollers, new rear tyre, coolant & brake fluid changed.. etc etc. It has basically new everything to make sure the new lucky owner will enjoy many more kilometers on this Vespa without having to spend anything for the next 10000 kms except maybe a little basic service every year.

The beautiful GT200 had only one onwer from new who is a matured rider and has looked after very well. It also comes with a free rear rack & top box to extend your storage. This makes it a great vehicle to take down to the shops and around to get your shopping done.

Why not come in and take it for a test ride?

SOLD!! Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS – Ex Demo get $1000 off – SOLD!!

Top of the range, class leading ABS & Traction Control for a steal

Get the best of the best at a bargain price: Our as new GTS 300 Super ABS/ASR has just come up for sale and it is just a beauty to ride. The powerful 300cc engine will get you anywhere in luxury & style, while ABS and traction control fitted as standard takes care of your safety. We honestly think that the blue colour is a standout and looking at it in sunlight, the metallic makes it even more special.

Get the best and save $1000 from new, while enjoying the vehicle that has hardly been ridden yet. This GTS is available for test ride and won’t disappoint. We will also throw in the first service free of charge once you reach 1000kms on it.


Classic off-road marque SWM is back with a pair of café racers! Steve Martin and PMac take the Italian stallions out for a gallop

Italian motorcycles are things of beauty, not only in their design but in the way they handle, the way they deliver their power, their presence and that feel-good factor that just makes going for a ride worthwhile. When I got the call from Editor Dobie to test the latest retro classic incarnations from SWM, he was quite surprised to learn that I had one tucked away in the shed. Although the marque is not well known, I grew up riding trials bikes made by the brand and to this day I’m probably one of the few people to have followed SWM’s existence.

Read more…

Vespa GTS 250 – “Used” with 75kms only

Get this rare used Vespa with almost no kms on it, but be quick!

Check out this beauty: An as used GTS250 in Midnight Blue with just 75kms on the clock. The midnight blue is one of the most popular colours on the Vespa GTS. It looks beautiful with its metallic shine and goes extremely well with chrome bits.

Lucky for anyone who is looking to get a GTS250 but does not want to pay the full price for a new one: This one has originally been bought in our shop, ridden home where it was put away for a few years without being used and then returned to us. It is fully serviced with fresh oil, coolant and brake fluid the whole lot.

Thank you!


We have received your Service Booking and will get in touch with you shortly.



Piaggio Yourban 300 – Ex-demo as new

Great solid 300cc scooter that turns heads - Get $1000 off from new!

This is probably one of the only ones of the Piaggio MP3 in WA in beautiful pearl white colour and we think it is the most beautiful one.

Get $1000 off on this ex-demo 300cc Yourban 3-wheeled scooter that is awesome to ride, very stable and secure. Rego until Sept 2017, manufacturer’s warranty until Sept 2018.

SOLD – Vespa LX150ie – One of a Kind! – SOLD

Purple Vespa in as new condition - Make a statement!


As new great running Vespa LX in purple colour. This Vespa is definitely a stand out and one of the best kept and cutest examples we ever had in our shop.

It comes fully serviced with nothing to spend and a colour matching top box is included as well. It had one lady owner (of course!) and would suit anyone who loves the colour and thinks about getting something special.

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