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When it comes to checking out scooters for sale in Perth, we know that you are spoiled for choice. Not just for brand favourites like Vespa and Piaggio, but also for scooter dealers. We recognise that for many people, that choice can be a bit daunting, and if scooters are new for you, we understand that you may not know who to turn to for good, honest advice and top quality product. At the end of the day, numbers don't lie. In 2012, Piaggio was easily the top selling scooter brand in Australia, and with Vespa, these two related brands captured over 25% of the entire Australian scooter market. And in 2012, Ace Scooters was the top selling dealer of Piaggio/Vespa scooters in Australia. The best of the best if you like.

So how has a scooter dealer based outside of the CBD managed to outsell all the big boys and central dealerships? Well we think there are a few reasons, but largely its because we focus on you and your needs, rather than thinking about our own (a model which unfortunately seems the predominantly common one in vehicle retail these days!). Since 2004, we've developed our detailed knowledge of the scooter market and its products so much so that we are regularly contacted by people all over Australia for advice about what to buy (and also where to buy it from!) We are known on the forums as a source of expertise and fair advice. Since we started, we've sold and serviced many brands of scooters, and over time we've realised what is good, and what could be better. That might be the product itself, but it might also be technical back-up, or quality of the warranty support. With this experience, we've migrated to selling and supporting products which we believe overall are the best on the market. Unsurprisingly, that's what the rest of Australia is saying too!

We only stock scooters for sale that we know are good quality, and ultimately good value. Sure, some may be a bit more expensive in the short term, but we know that in the long run you'll be rewarded with a scooter that will far exceed your expectations and will actually turn out cheaper - much cheaper! We are happy to send our scooters all over WA, because we know that our customers won't be left high and dry with a problem scooter that they don't know what to do with. We don't expect you to just take our word for it; we encourage you to do your research, check out the scooters for sale from other Perth dealers, and get on the web and get the views and opinions of other riders. At Ace Scooters we happily stand by what we say, and the service that we provide. Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say!

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