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Ace Scooters – it’s a trust thing!

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Buying made safe

When it comes to making big purchases, most of us feel a little bit nervous.  Are we buying the right thing, is it going to do what I need it to do, will I be able to get it cheaper somewhere else, and if something goes wrong, is someone going to help me sort things out, or will I be left high and dry! 

And lets face it, these are entirely valid concerns.  The reputation of the vehicle industry is not exactly glowing, and if you are anything like me, the entire process of buying a vehicle, which should be fun and exciting, often ends up in a situation where you feel that you've been taken for a bit of a ride.  And all that help and assistance which was there before you signed on the dotted lines, miraculously disappears as soon as the money has left your account.  It shouldn't be like that.

Unlike most other dealers out there, our background is not from the vehicle industry.  We think like consumers, and our philosophy is to treat our customers like we would like to be treated.  With integrity, with honesty, with expertise - and in a friendly manner.  We don't sell cars.  We don't sell motorbikes.  We don't sell cheap, low quality scooters.  As a scooter-only specialist, scooter riders are our priority, and we think that this is important.  We hope our website gives you a feel for what we are like, and our Facebook page should let you see how we interact with our customers, so that when you get round to visiting you'll feel like you already know us.   You can tell our customers from the happy, smiling faces when they come to collect their new scooters! 

So that, in a nutshell, is what we are about.  If that is good enough for you, then please feel free to go direct to the pages more specific to what you are looking for.   There is a lot of information, for which I apologise - and if you don't want to trawl all the way through it to find what you are looking for, or the answer to a specific question, please don't hesitate to simply drop us an enquiry.   But if you want more information about how we've developed to best support you, then please read on...

We are here to help

Whether you are an experienced riders, or a complete novice, at Ace Scooters our job is to help you find the scooter that will make you happiest.   There are many reasons to buy a scooter, whether it's for work, or for fun, or ideally a bit of both, and there are a lot of different scooters on the market.   And buying one is a big enough investment that you want to pick well.   It is one reason why there is so much information on our website - we want you to have as much information at your fingertips as we can to help you get on track, and to prove our knowledge and expertise before you visit.

Fair prices at all times

Unlike many consumer goods, the profit margin on vehicles is a lot slimmer than you might expect.  We believe in fair pricing throughout - at purchase, in servicing, and even for trade-ins.  Whilst we make every effort to be the most competitive with our prices, without doubt there will be times when our competitors may be cheaper, certainly at first glance!   However we don't discount to try and grab back through over-priced servicing, we will happily display our prices on our website, and we also provide those extra little touches, like the opportunity of using a loan scooter whilst yours is being serviced, free of charge for our customers.  For us, the focus isn't on price, it's on value - and our customers seem to respect that.

Highest quality range - for your peace of mind

One of the key things we've done to help our customers is to develop a product range that we think is the best in the industry.   Piaggio and Vespa are the top and second top selling brands in Australia, and combined they account for over 25% of the entire Australian scooter market.  And after Vespa, Aprilia have been the second largest selling brand for scooters 250cc and larger.  The fact that all three brands are made by the same company, utilise the same engines, and come with a genuine parts and labour 2 year warranty, should help assure customers that their purchasing decision is a good one. No other WA scooter dealer stocks all 3 of these key brands. 

In the past we have retailed other scooter brands, but for reasons of quality and support, we've dropped these from our line up.  Like all the products we sell, our acid test is whether we would be happy to buy and own these ourselves.  If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for our customers.  Trust is such an important factor in any purchase, and we want you to feel totally secure that you are doing the right thing in purchasing a scooter from Ace, and buying the right product to match your needs (as well as your desires!).   

Expertise and experience - so you know your choice is the right one

As the longest established, and biggest selling Vespa/Piaggio dealer in WA, and one of the best known scooter dealers in Australia we've developed a reputation based on our knowledge of the entire scooter industry, but also for looking after our customers needs, both when they buy but equally as important, after you've purchased.   A common complaint in the vehicle industry is that the sales people are your best friend all the way up to you signing the contract.  Once your money is in their pocket, you are back to square one.  Not with Ace.   Our customers are often surprised that we know them (and often their scooter!!) by name, and how well we look after them, and their scooters.  Our testimonials speak for themselves. When you buy from Ace, you join the family!

A great place to learn and to test-ride - but without compromising on convenience

Joondalup might not be on your doorstep, but our location does give us several advantages over our competitors.  Firstly, we are very close to the Joondalup Licensing Centre, so we are a great place to learn to ride, and have very close relationships with a number of training organisations, most of whom use our scooters.  (Well, when you are buying tools for your job, you buy those that are the best value for money that you can rely on!).  

Secondly, our location is great for test riding!  Whether locally for the smaller scooters, we are less than a minutes ride from the freeway so that customers can put our larger machines through their paces.

Thirdly, being close to the freeway AND to Joondalup station, we are very easy to get to.  Whether it's to pick up/drop off your scooter, or to come and see the scooters in the showroom, it's all very nearby. 

But if you do think its too far to get your scooter home from, well we can deliver!  Direct to your house!   And you'll find our delivery prices very cost effective too.   How convenient is that?  And if you live in the country, we can have it freighted to you too - and all you pay is the cost of the freight.

Best of the Best - the facts don't lie

In 2012, Ace Scooters were the top selling dealer for Piaggio/Vespa scooters in Australia.  We believe that this is the first time that this accolade was achieved by a dealer who isn't located in the CBD of a major Australian city! 

Best scooters, best advice, best service - and all done without compromising the fun!   Enjoy the website, like our Facebook page, and if you have questions, please make an enquiry - and hopefully, when you've finished your research, and are onto the next stage in your purchase, we will see you in the showroom!

As prospective customer Jane posted on our Facebook page on the 17th June 2014:

"Spent most of Saturday trying scooters and getting expert advice.......I don't actually remember the last time I went to a shop (any shop) and was treated so well. Thank you Steve for that"

We hope to treat you well soon too!